Welcome Fellow Entrepreneur

Way back in the year 2000, Andy Slater needed a couple of pounds worth of model making items however the sixty mile round trip to his 'local' model shop proved fruitless as they'd run out of the sizes that he needed. Unable to find a mail order supplier who was willing/able to supply them in small quantities, Andy decided to use his years of experience as a computer programmer to set up his own on-line shop and sell the products himself.

The Internet has changed quite a lot since then and there are now a number of places where you can buy the kind of items that Andy was unable to find back in 2000. However the fact remains that Andy faced and dealt with many of the problems associated with on-line selling before most other people had even thought to try. Even today it is the case that most on-line shops, with their "one-size fits all" approach to presenting items for sale, are unintuitive and difficult for customers to use.

Having learned first hand how to make it easy for customers to find and buy things from his own shop, by providing them with the varying amounts of information needed to purchase everything from simple items costing a few pence each to complex products costing hundreds of pounds, Andy now makes his expertise available via SlaterBase Systems. His design philosophy is to "keep it clean, simple, and fast" and the primary objective of SlaterBase Systems is to help you create a site that is easy for YOUR customers to use and buy from.