Andy Slater spent four years creating and improving an e-commerce system for his own mail order business; a system that we now refer to as "System 1". This was re-written for use by a small group of companies with which Andy had connections. The current incarnation of Andy's system, System 3, makes it easy for us to set up sites remotely and train clients (it usually only needs a couple of 1 hour phone calls + ongoing support) how to maintain them.


Slaterbase Simple-CMS is a cut down version of System-3, designed for those who simply need to say "we are here, this is what we do, and here's how to contact us", but who also want to occasionally change details such as rates for rooms, opening hours, and so on without needing any special programming knowledge. As such Simple-CMS is ideal for businesses such as hotels, pubs, restaurants, etc. This site uses Simple-CMS. [More...]


SlaterBase System-3 is our flagship e-commerce system. It make it easy to maintain an online catalogue of products and has so many features that we're not even going to attempt a summary on this page. [More...]